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How to Achieve Memorable Celebrations Among Friends and Family

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Let’s be clear: this celebration is about you. This also means your guests are missing out on that intrinsic aspect of why you’re celebrating in the first place. You will never see the same level of excitement and don't expect them to either. You’ll be disappointed for no reason. Instead, you have to create that excitement by introducing the reason for the event, identify why the guests are there, having a theme, and provide entertainment.

Sounds simple but how do you convey to others why your milestone is worth being excited about?

There are a few key-words that need to be addressed first.

First, let’s start with the word “Special”. It’s defined as something better or greater than usual.

When you’re sending out your invites:

  • Make sure you include the word “Special”

  • Let your guests know why your day is special

  • Use different means of invitation. For example, you can post on Instagram or send a digital invite personally, either by mailing, texting, or calling.

By using the word “Special”:

  • it radiates positive connotations

  • grabs people’s attention

  • and establishes an impression that there are differences and exclusivity.

Like many businesses and restaurants, they use the word “special” to indicate exclusiveness, promotional offers, or signature dishes. We are ingrained to sense the excitement when we read and hear the word “special”, so use that to your advantage to promote your party or events.

The second word is “value”. It's defined as something being important, beneficial, or has a high opinion of.

You want your guests to feel as though they hold a deeper meaning to your celebration. It doesn’t matter if you’re celebrating your birthday or anniversary, you want your guest to understand what roles they’ve played to merit their reasons for celebration.

Think back to why you’re celebrating in the first place, and why it matters if they attended.

Some questions to consider are...

  • If this is a rite of passage?

  • If this is a custom?

  • If this is a way of formality?

  • If this is a type of ceremony?

Once you have that figured out, it’s easier to put it into words concisely. This doesn’t mean you have to give a long speech, and you don’t have to single out each guest to say why they’re invited. Keep it short and simple, you’re all there to have fun.

We tackled some keywords, what else makes a party memorable?

One of the easiest ways to answer this is: Have a theme!

Any host wants continuous excitement and engagement. You want your guests to talk about how much fun they had, not when they wanted to leave. By having a theme, it will help you generate ideas on the important features of your party.

For example, if your theme is Beauty and the Beast, you can have your guests dress up in costumes, or have a colour scheme, decorate the house with references to the movie or book.

You can also gift unique party favours that relates to your theme (In this case, like my Bella Artificial Flower Balloon Bouquets) so your guests can go home with a physical piece of the party. There's endless possibilities once you solidify the theme of your event.

Some other theme examples would be:

  • Girls night out

  • Masquerade

  • Black tie

  • Flower shower

Effort and attention to detail differentiates a party from a gathering!

Let’s reflect back to past parties- and be honest, how often do you toss out your slice of cake at a party? Or how do you feel about some of the music? and that stain on the wall? Small details like these are valuable and you need to be critical of your choices if you want people to remember your party. It’s actually very easy to distinguish a party that was put together from a few hours to a party that took weeks to plan.

Brainstorming and planning is essential. Look around your venue, room, house, or backyard. Which is more suitable for your event? Look at the layouts, the fixtures, the lighting. Is there a sound system or a TV? These are some of the questions you can ask your self. Take some time, with or without a friend, and think of ways to make your party perfect. Things like location, outfits, decorations, food, and entertainment, will take a lot of brainstorming and research.

If you're having trouble, something as simple as setting up a poll is a great way to get your guests engaged before the party starts. You can ask whoever you'd like to help plan the party. Having a poll encourages your guests to input their ideas which hopefully inspires new or different possibilities. It's also a great way to figure out a back up plan.

Some poll examples can be...

  • Which theme do you prefer?

  • What cake do you want?

  • Availability, what time are you free to attend?

  • What games and entertainment do you like?

  • what type of music do you like?

If this is really something worth celebrating, your efforts to creating a moment worth celebrating for will be apparent.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money!

You can achieve a great party by spending very little money or none at all. There are many resources online that you can get inspired by:

They're loaded with wonderful (and free) ideas. You can get DIY, styling, theme, and budgeting tips throughout social media.

Aliexpress, Wish, and Amazon are great commerce sites that provide cheap and bulk rate items so you can save money. Although quality and effort dictate the mood, quality isn’t limited to physical qualities like having cloth napkins, expensive flowers, gourmet food and caterers. You can find relatable budget items as long as you solidify your theme.

The most important aspect is the quality of entertainment

Once you've settled on a theme, you’ve sent your invites out, you'll need entertainment. The right entertainment gets your guests to mingle, conversate, and most importantly have fun. Engagement is the best way to make a party more memorable. How?

You need to know your guests.

Obviously, you can’t tailor to every person’s needs and this is your party. Yet, the best way to encourage activity and have the night go smoothly between your guests is to remove as many unwanted possible outcomes.

  • Know what your guests like and dislike

  • Invite people that connect well with each other, even if they haven't met yet!

If you know your recently divorced friends are not on good terms, but you know they'll be civil at your party, then go ahead and invite them. But if you know they will cause a commotion, either invite one or none. This is your party, although drama can make your party memorable, do you want it to be remembered as the party with drama or the person who throws the best parties?

You need music or games.

Music gets people dancing, it brings their heart rate up, and it sets the mood. Having poor music choices or not having music at all makes the party dull, awkward, and silent. Nobody wants to hear a stomach growl, or an accidental fart.

Relieve your guests from this by playing a popular playlist, radio music, or even jazz from Spotify, Youtube, or Soundcloud. One great feature from Spotify is their group play, those with Spotify can scan into one account, and queue up songs. Everyone gets a turn and there's new music variations.

Another addition is to set up the TV on mute and play visuals. While you and your guests are chatting, music is playing in the background, you also have something fun to look at.

Games on the other hand can get everyone involved or not at all. That's why it's important to know your guests. They may not have the same preferences as you do so you have to decide on something that meet everyone's "Fun requirement".

Simplest way to do this is by asking them, or using a poll. Facebook messenger has a poll option. So does Instagram story. Ask where everyone is most active, get as much information as you can and use that to your advantage! However, games may not be your option at all. Some people like to talk, and if all your guests are like that, forcing them to play games wouldn't be fun for anyone.

You need a place to take photos.

Everyone has a camera phone and if they don't, photos and videos can be shared online or printed at your local Wal-Mart. Newer devices have professional grade features and lenses. It's not hard to get high quality photos and videos so you can save some money by not getting a photographer.

You have your decorations and your theme but what can you do about that empty space you couldn't fill up?

Consider a backdrop! A gorgeous backdrop matching your theme can be a great highlight to any party. You can either make your own or rent one out. To elevate this further, include themed props. It's a great way to attract guests, encourage them to take photos, and share these memories in a single capture.

This is the easiest way to motivate engagement while you're having fun!

It's time to bring it all together and recap what was mentioned.

  • Let your friends know how much this party means to you by saying how special that day is.

  • Let them know how much you value their preferences and attendance.

  • Plan your party with effort because every detail will be remembered by your guests, whether it's positive or negative.

  • Plan with others to inspire yourself with new ideas

  • Plan with others so they feel more connected with you and the party

  • Understand your guests, their likes or dislikes in the key components of your party

  • Always have entertainment, whether it's music, games, photography, or all of it!

Trust the process because details will bring conversation pieces to the table without your assistance. Your cohesiveness planning is essential to any celebration- it sets the impression that there was effort and that your celebration is to that level of significance. Involve your guests to plan, that in itself will get them more excited, making it more memorable for them!

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